Bridging the Gap: From Problem to Solution

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Let me be your 'Business Bestie' 

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Client Testimonials

"I brought Holly onto my team as an intern just as I was in the middle of launching a new course. I had a mountain of tasks I needed to get done and a tight schedule. After working with Holly, my online course is in much better shape for its launch. It has been so helpful knowing Holly was there, to rely on with her efficient and responsive attitude. Holly was a great asset to our team and I can highly recommend her."


Esther Inman

CEO & Founder

Virtual Assistant Internship 

"Holly has been an invaluable asset to my podcast. I was completely disorganized, releasing episodes at the last minute, 100s of unreviewed emails from potential guests, and no real work flow to speak of. 


Since bringing Holly on, she has created spreadsheets to track potential guests and plan out future podcast topics and release dates, a flow for onboarding guests, and her help with editing and organization has helped me to get 3 weeks ahead on episodes.


Additionally she has been able to recommend equipment that has greatly increased sound quality. The best part is that all of this has resulted in over 25% increase in my podcast downloads since she has come on board. I was already a well established podcast but had been plateaued for over a year and half.


If you need help with anything on your podcast, from recommendations, to organization, to help with guest booking, editing, you name it, she can do it all. I can’t recommend Holly enough."


Erin Royer, MA. 

Host to Parenting Beyond Discipline

Top 10 ranked podcast on Apple Podcasts - Parenting category

Current Services (as of 2024) 

Podcasting Management Tasks:

Podcast Editing: Audio and Video

Podcast Launch Assistance

Podcast Pitching 

Guest Management

Episode Show Notes

Upload to Platform Host

Organize and Plan Content

Virtual Assistant Tasks:

Blogging/SEO/Ghost Writing

Content Repurposing

Social Media Support

Email Marketing

Light Graphic Design

Ideal Clients

My ideal clients often exhibit the following qualities and come from diverse industries. 

Skills and Qualities:

As a hardworking and efficient professional, I am motivated to deliver quality services in a timely manner. With a growth mindset and a willingness to learn, I am self-directed, reliable, and a proactive problem solver. 

My skillset is both technical and creative, grounded with a down-to-earth approach and a dash of humor. Proficient in Microsoft and Google programs, I am also skilled in video and audio editing with Wondershare Filmora and Hindenburg.

What You Should Know About Me:

I am an introvert from birth, but I am capable of communicating however you would prefer. I also possess the Highly Sensitive Person trait, which makes me keenly aware of subtleties that are often overlooked.