About Holly

My Story

My educational background is in Environmental Science with BA and MS degrees and my current career spanning over 20 years is in environmental remediation, including groundwater cleanup and stormwater management. I am proficient in using Microsoft products to create scientific reports and to manage data. In addition to my passion for environmental issues, I am also an adept spreadsheet user (Queen of Spreadsheets). I am beginning a freelance side-job and want to work on projects that will assist businesses and individuals to accomplish their goals. 

In May 2022, I decided to upskill by investing in myself and work on projects that would be fulfilling to myself and helpful to others.

My family of four lives in central California. My interests include walking, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, scrolling the socials, watching Netflix, and playing with my kids and dogs. I like to jump on Nintendo and Roblox with my girls. I also enjoy listening to music, writing, and learning the piano (well this took a backseat recently). I am constantly seeking new knowledge both personally and professionally, so it is very likely that you will find me taking a class online or listening to a self-help book or podcast. I am a fan of comedy, pop culture, parenting, and self-help content. 


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In the near future I would like to provide more content around this very important topic for busy freelancers, entrepreneurs, podcasters, virtual assistants, podcast managers, online course creators, digital product providers, busy moms, etc. Time is essential, it's the only commodity you can't get back, it is the most precious thing that anybody has. Time is possibilities. I am very dedicated to ensuring work tasks are conducted effectively and efficiently. 

I don't want to lose any quality or creativity in my work either when being productive. Like a loss-less audio DAW (hey Hindenburg podcast editors!), I don't want to lose any potential within the productivity. I want to allow it to be unearthed as needed, but tucked away when not needed. Plan with purpose and productivity in mind.