About Holly

My Story

With a BA and MS in Environmental Science, I bring over 20 years of experience in environmental remediation, specializing in groundwater cleanup and stormwater management. My proficiency in Microsoft products enables me to create detailed scientific reports and manage data effectively. Besides my passion for environmental issues, I excel in using spreadsheets, earning me the title 'Queen of Spreadsheets'. In 2022, I embarked on a freelance journey, eager to work on projects that help businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

In 2022, I decided to upskill by investing in myself and work on projects that would be fulfilling to myself and helpful to others.

I live in Northern California with my family of four, where my interests span from walking, reading, and engaging with podcasts and audiobooks, to unwinding with Netflix, social media, and interactive gaming with my children. Music, writing, and learning piano are also among my pursuits, though the latter has taken a backseat recently. My quest for knowledge is relentless, both personally and professionally. I'm often found taking online courses or engrossed in self-help books and podcasts. I am a fan of comedy, reality tv, pop culture, parenting, and self-help content. 


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For freelancers, entrepreneurs, podcasters, virtual assistants, podcast managers, online course creators, digital product providers, and busy moms, productivity is paramount. Time is essential, it's the only commodity you can't get back, it is the most precious thing that anybody has. Time is possibilities. I am very dedicated to ensuring work tasks are conducted effectively and efficiently. 

I don't want to lose any quality or creativity in my work either when being productive. Like a loss-less audio DAW (hey Hindenburg podcast editors!), I don't want to lose any potential within the productivity. You can count on me to plan with purpose and productivity in mind.