How Listening to Podcasts as a New Working Mom Saved My Life

Find out how podcasts helped me through motherhood and returning to work, and how they really saved my life. 

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My journey with podcasts began in 2012 when I stepped into the role of a full-time working mom. Allow me to share how podcasts transformed and even saved my life.

Unprepared for the Challenges of New Motherhood

I was naïve about what parenting would look like, and was not prepared for all the challenges that come with motherhood. Parenting is a legit 24/7 job! I'm sure if you're reading this, you know what these new parent conditions are like. Sure, the baby sleeps a lot at first, but not where it should or when it should. Who knew babies needed a schedule for eating and going potty? Even with the perfect baby and the most supportive and supported mom, this would be hard. If you add medical issues, unknown emotions, unsupportive partners, not being a natural at it, and the mysteries of motherhood, it's hard enough to survive the day, let alone transition to daycare and working. 

Returning to Work as a New Mother Increased My Sleep Deprivation

Three months after having my first baby, I was already returning to work. My schedule was: wake up, get ready, drop off baby, commute, work, breast pump in the bathroom, work, commute, pick up baby, and home again to care for my baby until bedtime (and care for her through the night too). There was no longer time (not even a moment) to rest, catch up on missed sleep, run errands, do housework, grab some food, read a book, watch a show, go to a movie, go shopping, etc. My schedule had worn me out, I was sleep deprived, I forgot who I was before my baby was born, and I felt like I had nothing left for me. 

Commuting to Work was Literally the Only Time in My Day I Was Alone

With rising traffic conditions, I had to commute to work longer and longer every day after dropping my daughter at daycare in the morning. But I was grateful for the commute in one specific way, because it was literally my only alone time (unless you count pumping or peeing in the bathroom). I'd either drive in silence while thinking or listen to the radio.

Sleep Deprivation: A New Mom's Road Risk

When I was listening to my local radio station while driving to work, I was often nodding off. When I caught myself "microsleeping" several times while driving, I knew I needed a fix. My car was headed in the wrong direction in a split-second several times, the rumble strip on the side of the lane jolting me awake. Sleepless nights are one of the reasons new moms have nearly three times the accident rate as the general population (Source). I was happy my baby girl wasn't in the car during my commute, but that wasn't enough to ease my mind. Because of the likelihood of a car crash, I had to find a solution, and I couldn't let my baby grow up without me. My life was at stake and the livelihood of my young daughter. 

Quality Audio Content on the Road Was a Life Saver

Discovering audiobooks on Audible was a godsend. They kept me alert during drives, but the cost was high. Then, I found podcasts - a plethora of free, engaging content that was both enlightening and entertaining. I loved the free content that kept me awake, entertained me, and added value to my life. Who wouldn't? 

Podcasts Saved My Life While I Was Sleep-Deprived Behind the Wheel

By listening to podcasts, I found the cure to my safety issue, and the cure to losing myself as a commuting and full-time working new mom. Suddenly, I also had something to look forward to for myself. There was safety on the road again, every day, as podcasts continued to save my life. 

Fast Forward to 2022: How Podcasts Helped Me Navigate the Pandemic and Beyond

During the COVID Pandemic my commute was erased and now my two kids were home, which also erased my alone time (am I right fellow parents?). I was disappearing once again. That's when I knew I had to keep podcasts in my life, so I started listening to them while I was working from home. Podcasts are my brain candy and they are: an escape into a story, the encouragement you need in your rough day, the laugh that you require, a mystery explained, gossip without the guilt, coaching through your issues, acknowledgement of the struggle, and the focus to steer your brain onto that beautifully brave and meandering path of you. 


My personal journey is what inspires me to contribute to the world of podcasts, both creatively and technically. If you're a podcaster, I'm eager to become a part of your journey.


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