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90-Day VA Online Course

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My affiliate link for the 90-Day VA Online Course:

  • Esther Inman's 90-Day Virtual Assistant Internship online course and membership

  • Follow Esther here:

  • What you need:

    • Laptop

    • Desire to learn and practice

    • Short amount of time each week to dedicate to the course

  • What you get:

    • Full online course with hours of content to upskill

    • Many topics to learn so you can find what you love

    • Homework and helpers to practice your skills

    • Jobs and how to look best while applying

    • Community support and resources

  • What you gain:

    • Work from anywhere

    • Work when you want

    • Work for who you want

    • Community of like-minded online workers

    • Motivation to believe in yourself and your new skills

  • Why 90-Day VA?:

    • It is scam-free! I can't tell you how many scams are out there, but it is so frustrating to dig through them when looking for real online work. Esther is the real deal and the Online Work Queen!

    • It is not a traditional work-from-home job, those chain you to a desk and phone for hours every workday.

    • Get better paying jobs than the entry level work-from-home jobs.

    • Children making noise, errands to run, need to take the dog on a walk? No problem! It's your time and you manage it!

My experience with 90-Day VA:

I was looking for additional online work to supplement my regular fulltime income. I found Esther's free work from home Facebook group and started following her. After watching her free course on becoming a Virtual Assistant, I invested in her 90-Day VA program. I completed the 90-Day VA Online Course in 30-days and keep learning through the members club trainings. I completed an internship with Esther as well practicing my new skills that I learned in her program. I am continuing internships with other online business owners now and am applying for paid online work as a Virtual Assistant.

I have done all this with two kids, a dog, husband, a fulltime job, and all the things that happen in life. It is doable! You are worth the investment. This is the only resource I can recommend to become a Virtual Assistant. You can do it too and I would love to connect!

Chat with me on Instagram @HollyDillonVA or email me if you have any questions or just want to connect!

My affiliate link for the 90-Day VA Online Course: