Freelancer Journal

Created by Holly Dillon

Get a freebie fillable PDF of the Tools and Tasks pages of the Journal HERE

Your Freelancer's Heart Journal & 2023 Planner

Development Business Planner

Take your freelancer dreams beyond the laptop!

Size: 8"x10"

Content: black and white 245 pages

Developed by a freelancer for a freelancer to develop, grow, and plan their business!

The journal contains three sections: Development, Business, and Planner as described below:

  • The Development section has pages for journaling your business goals, tasks, learning (upskill), tools, networking, and influences. Use these pages for all the note-taking you could do on your laptop, but you shouldn't! Why? Because your already listening to that summit or online coursework on your laptop while multi-tasking with at least three other tabs open. Engage a different part of your brain and write down those important take-aways so you can actually go back to it and implement the generous ideas you just skimmed through and could easily forget about. When you are staring at a blank page with no ideas or a lower than desired bank account balance, take out your journal and look into your goals, notes, and networking to get inspired to take action in your business.

  • The Business section has pages for recording your business branding, expenses, discovery calls, proposals, invoicing, and client projects. Use these pages when brainstorming your brand, tracking expenses, taking notes during discovery calls, and recording the important proposals. Don't forget to invoice ever again by writing it down! Keep tabs on important client project details. You know you have been on an important client discovery call via Zoom and your trying to look at their website, your digital notes, and then write down the important thing they just said. Stop opening tabs! They can tell you are doing that, lol! Break out this journal instead and take some notes, it is pretty and the client may even be impressed! Stop and listen to the person, because maybe you already researched their business and have your pre-call notes handy from the journal sitting in front of you, you don't need to frantically find the Google Doc you had on one of those open tabs. Show your freelancer's heart with preparation, passion, and purpose, and the right client will show you their wallet! Don't worry, you got this, and you're doing great!

  • The Planner section has pages for the calendar year 2023 annual planner, monthly progress, weekly work (two months worth), day-to-day (two weeks worth), and freeform journal pages. The annual and monthly pages have additional content to help you keep on track with your business expenses, income, projects, and tasks. Use the special review pages to take accountability with your business efforts and see if it matches your goals. Create a new business-oriented routine using the weekly or daily pages and get into the habit of rapid growth. Need to take some quick notes? Skip to the back with the freeform journal pages!

Who is this journal for? Everyone that is working online and needs a business journal/planner companion.

  • From newbie to pro freelancer.

  • From small business idea to 7-figure entrepreneur.

  • From Virtual Assistant to CEO.

Why was this journal created? As a side-hustle freelancer Virtual Assistant beginning in 2022, I wanted a planner and journal to help with my business. I did not like the options that I could find, so I thought, why not make something I want and help others in my boat as well? That is how my journal-making business was born, yes another side-hustle! If you enjoy this journal, and it has touched your freelancer's heart, please consider leaving a fair and honest review so that others can see it as well! - Your Fellow Freelancer