Book Review Journal

Created by Holly Dillon

My Heart is Within These Pages: A Book Review Journal

Plan | Read | Reflect

Paperback – January 8, 2023

by The Efficient Virtual Assistant (Author)

Size: 6"x9"

Content: black and white 113 pages

Developed by a reader for a reader to plan, track, and reflect your reading

The journal contains four sections: Book Recommendations, Reading Goals, Book Tracking, and Book Reviews as described below:

  • The Book Development section has four copied pages for journaling your book recommendations. When you are finished with a book and can't think of what to start next, use these pages as inspiration and reference.

  • The Reading Goals section has two copied pages for recording a goal of how many books you want to read, why and what you read, and how books impact you.

  • The Book Tracking section has two copied pages for recording the number of books, pages, or reading time completed over the year. It's ok to start this anytime of the year.

  • The Book Reviews section has 50 copied book review pages for recording information for each book you read. Include information about the book, how you read it, what you thought of it, favorite things, discussion, etc.

Who is this journal for? Everyone that is reading and wants a companion journal and book review log. A few ideas of people this is great for include:

  • Book lovers

  • Recording discussion from book clubs

  • Reading for personal growth

  • Restarting your journey in reading

  • Having trouble remembering why you loved a certain book

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