Roe vs. Wade is Running Up That Hill

an agitated activist poem by Holly Dillon

There is no more

Running up that hill

To shake our hands.

The party is over,

Discussions are ceased.

A line in the road colored red.

A heart that beats inside of another.

There is more to life than the fetus.

First comes the MOTHER.

Do you want to tell me about the

Deal your making?

You must want to hurt me

To see how deep the bullet goes.

The lightening striking in our eyes

Goes unbound in this storm of lies.

There is no deal with God.

It's with our bodies

And the bargain is for dominance.

Do you want to know how it feels?

No, you don't care.

Freedom is only paramount

When it's of consequence to you.

The force is broken when it's

Sprawling across the "scarlet".

Don't we both matter, though?

We can't make a deal,

If we only could.

I'd be running up that road

To hear your experience.

I'd swap out places

Feel your unhappy.

Where does it go from here?

Too petrified to envision.

You refuse to meet the faces.

The ones who are not smiling.

They are crying, hurting, and angry.

The fuel of the fight was enough to keep

The daylight flickering for 50 summers

In the Paragon of Roe vs. Wade.

The Supremes in Court and not in Love

Left the women asunder in

A perpetual doom of winter's shade.

What depends on if the moms live or die?

Where they are and where they can't go.

Limitations are unrivaled.

Inequalities shot like a rocket in the sky.

Torch bearers are now

Running Up That Hill.

Because we mothers matter.

There is a Deal with God and

Our prayers have the same weight as yours.

God Gave Us:

Mouths to speak.

Ears to hear.

Hands to write.

Arms to hug.

Eyes to see.

Legs to move.

Skin to feel.

Brains to learn.

And Hearts to Drive it All Up that Hill.

Where the paper meets to the road

The sun will not fall

But the hearts of our daughters

Must not bleed due to our absence in the call

Do something today, tomorrow, and the next.

The Backstory

Holly Dillon wrote this poem on 6/25/2022 based on Supreme Court's decision to end Roe vs. Wade on 6/24/2022 and jamming it out to my Stranger Things 4 obsession with Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" song literally about 50 times, one for each year that Roe vs. Wade was enabled. I write poetry, often its fueled by the "vibe of the moment", the "thunder of our hearts", right Kate? It's how I channel the strong emotions and get them out. I usually pick a song or playlist that fits the vibe to inspire the poem and Kate's was perfect. I'm always so nervous to put these "out there" though, I often just write them for me. But it's too important today. Join me. Donate to Planned Parenthood who are working to protect the right to abortion for all women, don't let our daughters down! Don't cooperate, instead coordinate, as we keep Running Up That Hill of Regression.


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